4 Common Causes of Joint Pain (iMove)

There are various causes of joint pain. While some of the joint pain conditions are harmless and usually resolve without any treatment, some of them require treatment for a long period. Some of them can be easily treated by products like iMove which is just made for joint pain.

The possible cause of joint pain partly depends on age; for instance, possible causes of joint pain in children are different from possible causes of joint pain in adult.

Again, the possible cause of joint pain might be obvious, such as following a sports injury, and at other times, it might require a thorough investigation.

Let’s look at some of the common causes of joint pain:

Joint Injury

Joint injury is the most common cause of joint pain.

Joint injury, i.e., fractured ankle, joint dislocation, bone bruising, cartilage damage or damage to the surrounding ligaments (sprains/tears) weakens the structural components of the affected joint.

Once the structural integrity of your joint get compromised, it may get quite painful even when your try attempting your usual activities.

Joint Inflammation

Inflammation is the swelling up and reddening of an affected region and can occur because of an injury, disease or infection.

When a joint becomes inflamed, the synovium thickens, synovial fluid production increases and the joint capsules swells.

In most cases, inflammation is manifested through redness, warmth, pain, and stiffness around the affected joint.

Some of the common conditions and diseases that can cause inflammation of the joint, resulting in pain include:

  • Lyme disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Gout
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Lupus
  • Tendonitis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Joint Infection

Joint infection is caused when germs travel through the body to a joint.

Germs can enter the body through various ways .i.e. skin, mouth, nose, open wound or even an existing infection.

Whatever the cause, the presence of germ in a joint usually results in the development of infectious arthritis, and it’s this condition that results in joint pain.

Tumor In/Around Affected Joint

Tumors are a rarer cause of joint pain but it can if the joint is located near the bone or soft-tissue tumor.

Synovial chondromatois and yillonodular synovitis, in particular, are the most common causes of joint pain. Though they are benign, they can be quite aggressive and can result in acute joint pain.


While it makes sense to see your joint pain go on its own or with the help of OTC, self-treatment products, it’s essential that you do not wait or long before consulting a physician.

Detoxic Ingredients

Aptly named Detoxic, Detoxic is a detoxifying product that cleanses, removes toxins and parasites from the body, and can be used as a preventive measure against various infections.

Detoxic achieves awesome properties thanks to its innovative composition and proper choice of plant material, without added artificial fillers and harmful chemical properties.

This natural cleanser contains natural ingredients, which come from only the cleanest regions of the world.

And here at https://www.d13la.com/, we sought to find more about the composition of this product.

Composition of Detoxic

1) Common yarrow

Common yarrow, scientifically known as Achillea millefolium is a plant occurring naturally in Poland.

Traditionally, Common Yarrow has been used as a medicinal plant to cure various ailments and infections.

Yarrow’s popularity is attributed to its richness in active substances such as terpenes, flavonoids, tannins, alkaloids, glycosides, resins and acids. 

The above substances give yarrow a strong cleansing, bacteriostatic and anti-allergic properties.

It’s also known for regenerating mucous membranes of the digestive system and increasing the secretion of the digestive juices, and this help in efficient treating of indigestions.

What’s more? It has anti-inflammatory properties, and accelerates the healing of injuries, while soothing injuries.

2) Centaury

The centaury is a plant that is commonly used in herbalism.

It’s rich in gentian, and an alkaloid, which research proves to have anti-parasitic and antiseptic effects.

Like Yarrow, Centaury stimulates the digestive processes as well as reduce heartburn, bloating and hyperacidity in the gut.

More to this, Centaury is an effective remedy against gallbladder stones as well as eating disorders.

The ability of Centaury to regenerate the body cells makes it an ideal option or those who are weak or suffer from diseases that debilitate their organs, especially after an operation.

Another major selling point of this component is that it’s rich in Gentiana Lutea, a compound that protects the livers from chemicals as well as immunological damage.

Eugenia Aromaticum, better known as clove, is a popular detoxifying and cleansing agent.

It’s however, renowned for its anti-inflammatory effects, which prevent fungal, bacterial and viral infections.

Cloves’ ability to regulate water in the body and preventing the excess water storage makes clove and ideal components or those who suffer from swelling and aqueous cellulite.

Clove is also known for accelerating slimming down and toning, hence an awesome component for those looking to cut on their weight.

The plant also supports various body systems, including the nervous, circulatory and digestive system.

Finally, it’s full of numerous substances with anti-oxidation properties, and this helps in the neutralization of free radicals and helps in prevent pre-mature aging.

3) Red Root

Red root is native in Canada, Texas, South Carolina and Manitoba.

It’s popularly known as New Jersey tea because it was used as a substitute for tea during the American Revolutionary War.

While it’s commonly used as a mouthwash, this hardy plant is considered as a lymphatic alternative and is quite handy in boosting all forms of sluggish lymph functions.

The red root is also an excellent source of fiber, meaning it will help in your digestive processes and bowel regulation.

Finally, it’s known to help in improving the liver function, and boosting your overall immune system.


Those are some of the major components in Detoxic. 

In addition to the above ingredients, Detoxic is also known to host a combination of other 20 active ingredients, all which help in affecting your body in a positive, holistic and successful way.

A Comprehensive Overview of Motion Free

You`ve probably experienced an excruciating back or joint pain before at least once in your life.

Rather than tolerating the pain, a simple way is by managing it, and perhaps even doing away with it for good and this is where Motion Free comes into play.

What is Motion Free?

Motion free is a brand new natural medication with comprehensive effect and is designed for combating joint and back pain.

According to the product`s manufacturer, this product does more than quickly eliminate discomfort, but it also helps in ridding of every other cause of your pain, including pain and trauma.

Having a broad spectrum of action, this product will allow you to quickly eliminate pain, discomforts, as well as restore the health of your locomotor system.

Purpose of Motion Free

Motion Free has been developed by a specially selected group of doctors, with their common goal of discovering the most ideal and effective way of removing pain in the back and joints.

This natural balsam allows users not only to experience natural relief in their back and joint pain but also the treatment of the root causing the pain.

In this sense, if you`ve always been having difficulty in movement of often feel pain in your lower back or legs, then this ointment will not only rid of the pain, but you`ll never have to deal with that painful condition again.

Beyond the mechanical pain, Motion Free can quickly remove the pain caused by diseases such as osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis.

What it does is that it will remove the muscle spasms as well as inflammation. Most importantly, it will slow down the process of degeneration or cartilage tissues and will speed up the process of restoring joint cartilage.

Why many users love this product is that positive results can be experienced after the first application, and if used regularly, the joint and spinal disorders should stop progressing.

So, if you`re sore with the strained muscles making you rethink your active lifestyle, or suffering from age-related joint and spinal diseases such as osteoarthritis and tired with the agony of living with joint swelling accompanied by tenderness daily, then Motion Free is going to provide the solution you need.

The Secret Formula

Unlike a majority of the pain-relieving products, Motion Free is completely natural, safe and effective in managing pain and inflammation. It offers the perfect alternative to pain-killers and anti-inflammatories because it`s not addictive and has no side even after continued use.

The unique composition of only natural ingredients and herbal extracts allows or effective and quick releases of pain in the back and joints with no side effects. Every time you apply this topical ointment on the affected part of your body, the active substances in Motion Free are absorbed quickly to provide powerful blood flow to the affected area.

So, whether your weekend warrior activities have left your muscles stiff and painful, or you spent too much time in tendering your flowerbed or hunched over the desk for an extended period causing strained back muscles, Motion Free will provide the solution you need for your back pain.